Globally Nepal is well known for comprising diverse avifauna, about 9% of the world bird species. Nepal, though being a small country in size, holds over 887 species of Birds. Large number of tourists comes to Nepal for wildlife safaris and bird watching. The sight of rare bird producing tremendous exhilaration, the beauty of nature and birds are the famous symbols of Nepal. The opportunity to see different kinds of birds will make your trip memorable. You will be mesmerized with the enjoyable view of many species of birds along with the panoramic mountainous view, glimpses of wild animals and exposure to the local people’s culture and traditions.

However, at present 887 bird species has been identified comprising 16 Orders and 68 Families in Nepal. Around 62% of birds are primarily residents, 14% winter visitors, 12% passage migrants, 6% summer visitors, 5% residents and migrants and 1% summer and winter visitors. Spiny Babbler (Turdoides nipalensis) is only the endemic bird species in Nepal. 172 species were assessed as nationally threatened; globally threatened 39 and 9 species were already extinct from the Nepal. Similarly 27 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) are indentified in Nepal which support large number of bird species. Nepal has multiple prime bird watching location, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Chitwan National Park, Fulchoki, Shivapuri National Park, Annapurna Conservation Area including different places of Kathmandu Valley are the most famous sport for bird watching.