Upper Mustang Trekking

Mustang from the Tibetans (Möntang) in Nepali (Mustang) means fertile plain; Upper mustang trekking takes you into the hidden planet of the former Buddhism kingdom of Mustang or called Lo. Lo was used to be part of the Tibetan territory therefore where still Tibetans languages are commonly speaking and traditional Tibetan culture remains.

Consequently, that reason still being practiced pure Tibetan Buddhism, vast and rich in Tibetan Buddhist culture. The southern part of the area is called THAK and is the homeland of THAKALI, who speak their own mother tong. And whose culture combines Tibetan and Nepalese elements. In the villages houses are built in Tibetan style and washed houses with fire wood tucked on the every roof. Mustang is not only the vast in culture beside that landscape are very much similar to the Tibet.

Upper Mustang lies in the rain shadow of Mt. Dhaulagiri and walk in a completely desolate landscape, surrounded by white Himalaya’s peaks, rocky in all kind of different colors with fantastic structures. In this desolated landscape the villages are with bright colored besides fields are like Majesty. The areas are vast Tibetan Buddhist cultural and traditions, dry plan, beside a Tibetan plateau. Great scenery, picturesque Himalayan vista, Monastery, sputa, cave, Tibetan Buddhist traditional settlements also beautiful valleys around in the area.