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Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu is considered to be one of the most beautiful treks in Nepal; the Manaslu Circuit will reward every adventurous trekker with an unparalleled alpine experience. Opened in 1992, this area offers a combination of rich culture heritage, unique natural beauty and vast biodiversity.

We begin our ascent from the Budhi Gandaki valley, which is offers numerous rivers and waterfalls, and provides trekkers with many chances to plunge into some of its natural hot springs. After two or three days, the strenuous section of the trek begins and yaks soon seem to outnumber people on the rocky landscape. In Samagoan (3,450m) can visit the green glacial lakes of Birendra, Panggen Gompa or Manaslu Base Camp before crossing into the mystical Samdo, a quaint village a mere 15km from the Tibetan border. With Tibetan monks living in sacred monasteries and incredible views of the Tibetan plateau against the stark white Himalayas, Samdo truly is a spiritual place. We then encounter our biggest challenge ­- crossing the Larkya -La pass (5,160m), where snow-covered peaks over 6,500m high tower above us on either side. The descent, once below the snow line, takes us through alpine as well as tropical areas, bustling with ferns, bamboo, Rhododendrons, pine, waterfalls and turquoise lakes laced with cotton-white beaches. Towards the end of our journey, Manaslu disappears out of sight as we approach Beshishar (832m).

The Manaslu Circuit is tea-house trek with many new and comfortable lodges along the way. It still is, however, exhausting and physically demanding. This 15-18 day excursion will not only give you a gratifying feeling of achievement, but will also leave you with a sense of peace and respect for the people of Nepal and its natural wonders.

Highlights: Views of Tibet salt trading trails and an insight into Tibetan culture through various monasteries and Tibetan settlements. Unspoiled landscape stunningly beautiful valleys, dramatic gorges, spectacular mountains views, bathing pools, lakes and waterfalls surrounded by alpine and tropical forests.

The itinerary is based on our own experience and is subject to change as a result of weather, local conditions, or government restrictions. We reserve the right to alter (lengthen or shorten) the trek at any time if necessary. (A rough gravel road that continues beyond the Arughat now offers the possibility of starting the trek from Soti Khola instead, shortening the trip by one day.  Alternatively, the trek can be ended several days earlier in Dharapani or Besishar on your request.

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