Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is a beautiful experience not to be missed. Lots of destinations inspire such a wealth of superlatives as the Himalayas. A region more than half of the size of Europe. The Himalayas sweep across northern India (Sikkim), Pakistan, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan creating an unforgettable landscape. Forested valleys, some tropical, lead to high peak that stop the monsoon, creating other worldly mountain top deserts. Massive glaciers extend for miles rivers, chilled with melting snow and ice, race through deep and dark gorges between the Himalayas. Wild animals including rare snow leopard, blue sheep and Yeti’s foot prints – these are all the elements of adventure and radical sports.

Beauty of Nepal:

The great mountain ranges are some of the most beautiful and interesting areas of the World to visit. As they are often not served by roads, they can also be the most remote. However, difficult places to get to and often the only way to see them by on foot. For some people, the trekking may be an end in itself, for others it’s a means to enjoy the magnificent panoramas. Often the peoples of the Mountains and their culture and traditions provide an interest equal of the scenery. At all your interest and ability, whether you are a hardened mountain enthusiast. Especially, who wants extended high-altitude trekking or an occasional walker who prefers alpine base trails, valleys and villages, we have something for you.

Trekking in Nepal, any mountain can be the setting for the drama in which climbers and more recently. Skiers, rafters, paraglide, trekking, culture tour, peak climbing, bird watching and their own limitations. Successor or failure, it barely no matters, as long as the body survives and the soul find meaning. The Himalayas the residence of the gods is the habitat of the adventure rare place where all of us can rise to new heights trekking season in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is possible all around the year. There are 4 seasons in Nepal.

Autumn Season (Sept – Nov): The harvesting season.

Autumn is the main biggest season for trekking in Nepal. The weather is very good with a beautiful blue sky, excellent mountain views and agreeable temperatures. Wind is rare and if there is any snowfall at all, it usually only occurs at high elevations. When you pass over the lower valley, this is mostly enjoyable and under trekking season. At this time the whole country changes from a green into the autumn harvesting colors.

Winter Season (Dec to Feb): White Christmas’s

Winter is well-known for low temperatures and snowfalls in higher altitudes in the Himalayas. Nights are much colder but during the day the skies are clear and sunny will be less tourists. Among the treks several can be done in winter. The Dhaulagiri Annapurna panorama treks, Ghorepani Poon Hill panorama trek, Annapurna Base Camp.

And  also Everest Base Camp treks and some others lower treks are reliably accessible and pleasant. Mostly fine, some light snow clears quickly while the deeper power Yak-tracked, hardly slows us. Marry white Christmas. High Mountain passes and climbing trips are not a superior choice in winter.

Spring (March to May): The Rhododendrons blooming season.

Spring inspires ever higher, canvas the rhododendrons hillsides up to 3500m. The many different kinds of flowers are in bloom, from the valley floor to the alpine regions. Especially the rhododendron turns the hills into a memorable paradise during the spring season beginning of March to mid April. It is slightly warm in the valleys with spectacular views of the snowy mountains sparkling like crystals full of snow cover from the winter.

The arriving warmth create stumbling cloud configurations and the occasionally rainstorm can be in the afternoon. Every next morning normally clear and blue sky. We think spring is really one of the best seasons for trekking in Nepal!

Summer (monsoon) Season (Jun to Aug)

June to September makes trekking warm and humid. During this time of year, the higher valleys and meadows boast lots of colorful flowers against the backdrop of the lush green vegetations. The best trekking in summer can be done in the rain shadow of the high mountains. E.g. Upper Dolpo, Upper Mustang, or the Annapurna circuit and if you are lucky and can fly in and out of Lukla, you may do the Everest region too, also beautiful and have done several trekkings.